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Meet the Team


Photo of Andrew Glen Dip CII

Andrew Glen Dip CII

Account Executive

Photo of John Girling FCII

John Girling FCII

Associate Director

Photo of Katrina Boyle

Katrina Boyle

Sales Manager

Photo of Mark Dawson Cert CII

Mark Dawson Cert CII

Account Executive

Photo of Mark Debman Cert CII

Mark Debman Cert CII

Associate Director

Photo of Robin Belsom ACII

Robin Belsom ACII

Managing Director

Photo of Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

Executive Chairman

Photo of Tracy Healey ACIM

Tracy Healey ACIM

Marketing Manager

Photo of Wendy Hepburn Cert CII

Wendy Hepburn Cert CII

Private Clients Division Manager

Photo of Sarah Beard

Sarah Beard

Hospitality Division Manager

Photo of Trevor Griss DIP CII

Trevor Griss DIP CII

Account Executive

Photo of Ashley Robinson Cert CII

Ashley Robinson Cert CII

Enterprise Manager

Photo of Jake Mower Cert CII

Jake Mower Cert CII

Account Executive

Photo of Caroline Hunt Cert CII

Caroline Hunt Cert CII

Corporate Division Manager

Photo of Nathan Harvey

Nathan Harvey

Claims Manager