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Beach Hut & Chalet Insurance

Fair processing notice

Information provided to us by you will remain confidential and be used solely for the purpose of providing insurance broking services to you, or to others where we are required to fulfil a regulatory or legal obligation and as set out in our Privacy Notice. This means that your personal information will be used to process your policy, understand your needs and improve our services. It may be shared with third parties where required to do so for us to provide our services to you, or where we have appointed third parties to manage our business.


Before proceeding please make sure you have read and can accept the following declaration. If you are unable to accept any of these statements please contact us on 01473 343300

You own the beach hut or chalet to be insured

The insured beach hut or chalet is in England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man

Any part of the beach hut or chalet, or the buildings (which include the property), will not be used (other than commercially letting) for business

The beach hut or chalet is constructed of wood /concrete

The beach hut or chalet is in a good state of repair and will be maintained as such

You the proposer or any person(s) to be insured by this policy has never been declared bankrupt, charged with/convicted of arson or has any unspent criminal offence (other than motoring offences)

You or any person(s) to be insured has never had any insurance declined, special terms imposed or renewal refused by any insurer

The beach hut or chalet will only be used/occupied by you, your immediate family, friends or letting tenants

The beach hut or chalet is located in an area free from evidence of, or damage due to subsidence, heave or landslip

Personal information

About your hut or chalet

Consumer insurance act

You are required by the provisions of the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act to take care to:

Ensure you have supplied accurate and complete answers to all the questions we or the administrator have asked or may ask as part of your application for cover under the policy.

Make sure that all information supplied as part of your application for cover is true and correct.

Tell us of any changes to the answers you have given as soon as possible.

Failure to provide answers in-line with the requirements of the act may mean that your policy is invalid and that is does not operate in the event of a claim. If the information provided by you is not complete and accurate:

The insurer may cancel your policy and refuse to pay claims.

the insurer may not pay any claim in full, or;

your premium may be revised and/or change the complusory excess, or;

the extent of the cover may be affected.