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Another Successful Breakfast Event

Wed 8th Nov 17


Thanks to everyone that attended our fourth event at Suffolk Food Hall. Body Language and the Art of Mind Reading was our subject this time and Nick Looby gave an interesting and informative talk on what your body language says about you. How is your hand shake? Do you spot if someone gives you the eyebrow flash? Do you stand like Wonder Women? What do you do with your hands? Nick talked us through what our reactions say about us.

Can you spot yourself in our picture library..?  

  Tim Larke & Sue Tasker

 Ian Brown, Wendy Quantrill, Carla Wiggins & Gail Shemming


Jake Mower, Trevor Griss & Paul Copsey


 Kevin Ward, Chris Oliver, Andrew Diver & Louise Rogers


 Susan Ashford, Richard Ashford, Andrew Glen & Andrew Tillott


 William Coe & Chris Oliver


 Nicci Dedman-Munro, Mandy Wilkinson & Laura Cooke


 Paul Copsey, Glenn Hoddy & Tracy Healey


  Nick Looby & Elaine Turner winner of our prize draw


 Nick Looby poses as Wonder Women