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Batten down the hatches – using your beach hut in winter

Tue 13th Nov 18

While there’s a lot of noise about shutting up your beach hut for the winter months, with a crisp, bright day comes an ideal opportunity to ‘hit your hut’. Perhaps for a warming hot chocolate after a brisk walk along the front. 

Beach huts are used, primarily, as a summer retreat. Somewhere to relax and enjoy our great British coastline, to let the children play safely in the sand or to take afternoon tea while watching the tide turn.

The seasons are changing, though, and while we’re seeing some fairly extreme weather, on the whole our winters seem less cold in recent times. Our beach huts are big investments and making use of them throughout the year makes great sense. Now, with a few seasonal updates, they can be a great place to go in the colder months, as well as in summer.

Making maintenance easier

Visiting your beach hut more regularly during autumn, winter and early spring is also good news from a maintenance point of view.

If your hut is locked up and unoccupied during the winter, leaks and floods can go undetected for longer periods of time – as can vandalism – and locks and hinges can rust or seize up. Regular visits to your hut mean you’ll be keeping it well aired and the usual checks are easier to sustain.

Preparing your beach hut for winter use

While you could go the whole hog and redecorate for the cooler months – theming for a winter lodge or with more seasonal coastal colours – simply adding a few reasonably inexpensive accessories can make it a cosy retreat to enjoy. Do make sure your insurance still covers the value of your extra contents, though. 

Here are our beach hut insurance team’s top ten winter essentials: 

  • A battery-operated fan heater
  • Cosy blankets – at least two per person!
  • A few spare woolly hats
  • Some hot water bottles
  • A kettle (we’re sure this is actually a year-round essential!)
  • Insulated mugs with lids
  • A big tub of instant hot chocolate
  • Reusable hand warmers
  • Thermally insulated sit mats
  • Plus, some battery-powered twinkly lights!

Keeping your hut safe all year-round

Of course, using your beach hut throughout the year doesn’t mean your usual winter maintenance and checks shouldn’t still take place. Making sure you batten down the hatches, turn off the gas and lock up properly is always essential.

With all the safety precautions in the world, and even if you’re visiting your hut regularly, there’s still a chance of something going wrong – especially in bad weather. Joining your local Beach Hut Association can cost as little as £5-£10 a month and, should the worst happen, your details will be on record and you should be alerted sooner. Even better, your insurers may offer cheaper premiums for Beach Hut Association members. At Ryan’s we offer a 10% discount and we will also contribute to your local Association. Last year, our donations helped Heartbeat (East Suffolk), RNLI and over 10 Beach Hut Associations.

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