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Beach hut income – getting value from short term letting

Mon 9th May 22

You’ve got a beach hut, but you don’t have the time to make use of it every weekend – let alone every day during the summer. So, how about renting it out?

Providing you with a bit of income to help you cover the costs of ground rent, beach hut insurance, maintenance and security measures, letting your beach hut can be a really good idea. But how do you go about it, and what do you need to bear in mind?

Our team of beach hut experts set their top six beach hutrental tips to paper…

Who will you rent your beach hut to?

Depending on the circles you socialise in, you may have a ready stream of people wishing to hire your beach hut for days or even weeks at a time. This especially applies if you have children of school age.

You could simply hire your beach hut out to friends and family, or you could go the whole hog and advertise it. This, of course, comes with some risk, as you won’t know the people that you’re renting out to.

How will you advertise your beach hut for hire?

To make it known that your beach hut is available to rent, you could simply mention at the school gate and set up a page on social media –perhaps Facebook – to give details. If you’re not in such easy to access groups, your social media presence will be essential.

A website may be helpful, but that will come at a cost. There are also ready-to-access beach hut hiring communities – either through your local county council or an organisation such as

What should you provide for people to use in your beach hut?

What you provide really depends on the experience you want your visitors to enjoy. This could include deck chairs and a table and chairs for eating around, crockery and cutlery, cups and plastic glasses. Some beach hut landlords provide tea, coffee, sugar and squash, together with beach toys for guests with children.

It can also be a good idea to pin an information sheet, with details of where to find water, toilets, etc. somewhere in easy sight, and to let people know what is and isn’t provided when you send them their booking confirmation.

How to pass the keys to your beach hut visitors

If you’re renting your beach hut to family and friends, this isn’t such an issue, but if you’re hiring it out more widely, how to share your keys can prove challenging. One solution is to hide a key safe some where nearby, giving each set of visitors a code, and changing it for the next guests. This means you don’t need to be at your hut to greet each set of visitors.

How to deal with breakages

If something gets broken, lost or damaged by your beach hut guests, you’ll want to make sure you can replace or repair it. Most insurers will not cover accidental damage caused by tenants in your beach hut, so it’s worth considering a damage deposit, which can be refunded as soon as you’ve checked your hut after your visitors have gone.

Keeping your investment protected

Of course, if you’re renting out your beach hut, you’ll want to make sure you have cover to protect your liability in case of loss or injury while your guests are on your property, as well as for loss of earnings if you have a claim that means your hut can’t be let or used. Most beach hut insurers will be able to add cover for renting out your beach hut, which includes public liability and loss of rent.

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