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Beach hut living – movies that move you to the beach

Wed 20th May 20

It’s great news that many beach hut owners can return to their huts – of course with social distancing and other rules to follow currently in place to help keep everyone safe. However, not everyone is able to return yet and, of course, there are always wet weekends when visiting your beach hut isn’t possible. So, our team has been looking at movies that move you to the beach without even leaving your living room!

Space to chill – five movies with a calm beach theme

Five children and It – again in the spotlight with an adaptation this year, this 2004 version of E. Nesbit’s book is set in Kent, including some beautiful British beach settings. See if you can spot who provides the voice for the Psammead!

The Little Mermaid – okay, mostly not on a beach, but venture under the sea in this classic Disney animation for some real family relaxation time. It certainly makes us want to visit the beach and sink our toes into the sand.

French Kiss – if you’re after a romantic comedy, Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline provide lots of laughs (and some action too) in a beach-side South of France setting. We can almost smell the warm, sea air!

Grease – if a musical theme is more your thing, the opening scenes in Grease are set, in the summer of 1958, when Danny Zuko and vacationing Sandy Olsson meet at the beach and fall in love. We’re sure you’ll be singing along!


Taking you back in time to 1988, in this romantic comedy drama, Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown and Elisabeth Shue bring beach living in the Caribbean to our screens. We love the settings in this film – a go to favourite.

In for a thrill – five movies with hair-raising beach action

Point Break – with two versions to choose from – the original 1991 with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves and the 2015 version with Luke Bracey – if you like beach movies that are packed with action, Point Break certainly delivers.

The Beach – while it all certainly seems very chilled at times, things aren’t quite as perfect as they seem. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, we’d love to be on this idyllic beach in Thailand, without the politics, mind you!

Jaws – we’re sure we don’t need to say any more about these thrilling movies spanning the 1970s and 80s, although our favourite is definitely the original and we’d say it’s still not for the faint hearted!

Cast Away – while this 2000 drama is not an action thriller, it’s not a movie with a storyline that makes you relaxed, either! Starring Tom Hanks, who finds himself washed up on a stunning beach, on a dangerously deserted Pacific island.

Sleeping with the Enemy – set mainly in Cape Cod, this 1991 romantic psychological thriller starring Julia Roberts certainly keeps us on the edge of our seats, every time we watch it. Beautiful beach scenes, though!

Returning to your beach hut during lockdown

If your local council has reopened access to your beach hut, please remember:

Maintain social distancing and limit contact with people outside of your household. This remains essential and it’s important you work with your beach hut neighbours to maintain the two-metre social distancing measures.

Plan your visit carefully and if in doubt, or if you feel you’re unable to maintain safe social distancing, it’s safer not to go.

Steer clear of social gatherings with people outside your household. These are still off limits, so please don’t invite guests to your hut.

Keep the promenade clear so that everyone can safely maintain social distancing when visiting the beach. If your beach hut’s on the promenade, move your tables and chairs onto the beach to ensure you’re not limiting the space for safe social distancing there.