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Beach Hut of the Year 2020 second place - Claire Pester, Beryl, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Wed 21st Oct 20

Beach hut of the year 2020 second place - Claire Pester, Beryl, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Using 200 words or less explain why your beach hut should be named Ryan's Beach Hut of the Year 2020:

We waited many years on a long waiting list before getting the call to say our patience had been rewarded!...6 weeks before our wedding! Despite all the wedding hullabaloo we managed to order Beryl and have her installed and painted before our wedding day! Since then all the family have been involved in finding charity shop treasures to fill her with! Our son Jack claims she is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of huts as she stores so many useful (and not so useful) gadgets neatly stowed away inside! Our most precious family memories have been made with Beryl. Announcements of births, marriages and everything in between! Although it’s been a place of celebration it’s also provided some desperately needed calm. Both my husband and I are frontline NHS staff and never have we needed the peace and serenity that Beryl offers, more than now. Beryl may look like an ordinary hut but she has been a cosy sanctuary to all! Jilted friends, exhausted new mums and a place to recover after long runs and cold swims! Something magical happens to everyone who visits! .... They always leave feeling more at peace with the world, and planning their next visit!


What a view

Playing at the hut
The "Swiss army knife" of beach huts