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Bringing beach hut life home

Mon 4th May 20

For beach hut owners, taking time out in a home from home by the sea is a way of life. The rhythm of the waves lapping on the shore, the smell of the salty sea air and the sound of gulls or the crunch of stones or sand as people pass happily by. All of these are natural stress busters and can definitely help with a better night’s sleep.

So, having invested energy, time and money into making our beach huts a haven on the sea shore, when we can’t get to them, either because the beach is closed, if there’s poor weather or if there’s an global pandemic, it’s incredibly frustrating.

There are still ways you can bring the feel of your beach hut life home, though, and the beach hut team at Ryan’s have been looking at small ways to do just that…

Catch the sound of the sea

While many years ago channelling the sound of the sea at home might have meant cupping a shell to your ear, today there are many ways to bring the sound of the sea into your home. There are a number of free resources online, including on YouTube or on dedicated websites and apps.

Ryan’s Beach Hut Insurance team member, Sue, says: “You could also invest in a wave sound machine if you’d like to fall asleep each night to the sound of the waves lapping to shore.”

Play some summer music

When it comes to summer soundtracks, everyone has a different favourite. Whether that’s tunes from the latest chart toppers, the music from a favourite film or something a little older, playing some music – perhaps even at the same time as your wave or beach themed sounds – can also serve to bring the beach life to you.

Ryan’s Beach Hut regular, Kayleigh, says: “We like to play a little background music on our iPod – quietly – in our hut. We’ve already got a play list and we play it sometimes to transport us to our hut on stay-at-home days."

Set the scene

Whether for your lounge, kitchen or dining room, your bedroom or your bathroom, you could choose to bring the beach look into your home with a few beach themed accessories.

Becky, Ryan’s Beach Hut Insurance team member, says: “The 2020 H&M summer range is inspired by the beach, including crockery and ornaments, linens and cushions, rugs, blankets and towels. We’ve even seen some new decorative ideas for the hut while we’ve been researching.”

Picnic on the carpet

Okay, it’s never going to be the same, but packing up the cool bag with a beach hut picnic and setting out a blanket – inside on the floor or outside in the garden – and settling in for your usual beach hut fare can be very reassuring.

Team member, Kayleigh, says: “Why not play your beach sounds while you’re picnicking and, if you’re outside, you could even set up a wind break and some deck chairs to give a more authentic feel.”

Driftwood art

We love a little bit of beach combing and, while we can’t go to the seaside to marvel at great looking treasures on the beach, we’re enjoying surfing the net to find some great, and fairly inexpensive, driftwood art.

Julie, from Ryan’s Insurance, says: “If you have any driftwood at home, there is also a host of craft ideas and YouTube lessons to help you create your own.”

We hope you’re soon back on the beach and able to enjoy your beach hut, but in the meantime, we hope you have fun bringing a little bit of beach hut life home.

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