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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Motor Insurance FAQ's

Wed 8th Apr 20

SORN Vehicles

If you are not using your vehicle and have declared it as SORN it cannot be parked or driven on the road - as defined within the Road Traffic Acts - see here. The vehicle is also removed from Motor Insurance Database. Don't forget to tax it again before your vehicle is back on the road.

Unable To MOT Their Vehicle

The Government has made a series of concessions relating to the MOT of all types of vehicle. If a Policyholder's vehicle is unable to have its MOT renewed and that vehicle is covered by the Government's exemptions and extended MOT periods, coverage will not be affected.

Within the Government communications - see here - they point out that all vehicles must be roadworthy if they are to continue being used. If a vehicle is in an unroadworthy condition, cover may not apply.

See here for further Government advice on keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

Local Community Assistance

Use of an insured vehicle to deliver groceries and medicines to vulnerable people is acceptable and does not need to be referred to your insurance provider. As would transporting vulnerable people to shops or medical appointments.

Cover is not provided if the Policyholder is being paid a fee (other than expenses) for the work, as this is hire & reward, which is excluded.

NHS Volunteer Responder Service

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) guidelines were recently issued in relation to the new NHS volunteers - see here.

In line with this statement, policies will cover all authorised drivers without the need for referral.

Amendments to Business Activities

We understand that some businesses may need to alter their activities, perhaps providing deliveries of their products or producing alternative products. This will be acceptable subject to:

  • the activities are covered by the current motor certificate;
  • the additional activity does not include the carriage of explosives; and
  • the additional activity does not include the carriage of fuel or gases.

If any of the above bullet points apply, then the additional work will need to refer to ensure the cover can and is being applied.

Using Vehicles for Unrelated Businesses

Most policies will cover the Policyholder's business only and not alternative businesses. Any change to the Policyholder's business would need to be referred prior to cover. Cover for employees or others using the Policyholder's vehicles for alternative employment will not usually be included.

For more information please contact your usual Ryan's account handler.