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Fighting the risk of beach hut fire

Mon 5th Aug 19

It’s a sad fact that beach huts are very much at risk of fire, and a quick Google search shows that beach hut fires are a regular occurrence.

Arson isn’t uncommon and, given their construction and the fact that beach huts are set up extremely closely to one another, it can have very serious consequences. While there’s not much we can do, as beach hut owners, to prevent the risk of arson, as we make the most of our beach huts during the summer months, it’s important to shut up properly at the end of each day.

Here are some things to remember to help make sure your hut doesn’t get damaged, or worse, as a result of fire:

Regular maintenance

Our beach huts are big investments, so making sure they’rein a good state of repair generally goes without saying. Huts that seem neglected, with damaged timbers and rooves can attract arsonists as they’re much easier to set alight. Remember to make sure there are no surplus building materials left outside your hut, as these would probably make good ignition points.

What lies beneath

Boarding up the base of your beach hut can make it harder for fires to be started underneath, especially as the boarding will also cut off the air currents that may help a fire to grow and spread. Boarding under your hut can also offer you a great, secure storage space, too, if you create a hatch for access.

Secure storage

Making sure all your contents, including canoes and surfboards, are safely stowed inside your hut, rather than around the sides, provides less ammunition for arsonists to use to get a fire started.

Barbecue and cooking facilities

If you’re allowed a barbecue on your beach, remember to make sure your barbecue and all cooking implements are cool before being returned into your beach hut. Make sure to remove all hot coals, and to dispose of them safely.

Smoking at your beach hut

If anyone is smoking cigarettes or cigars at your beach hut, please ensure they are disposed of properly, in a metal container, to ensure they don’t start smouldering in your hut, where a fire could take hold. It could take hours for a cigarette to cause a full blown fire, so make sure to check before you lock up for the day, too.

Shutting up for the day

Before leaving your beach hut unattended at the end of each day, it’s a good idea to check that any ignition sources are removed, that litter has been disposed of and that your hut is safely secured.

Keeping your beach hut covered with Ryan’s

Keeping a regular eye on your beach hut is a good idea and joining your local beach hut association means that other beach hut owners will be keeping an eye out for your hut, too. At Ryan’s we regularly meet with beach hut associations and offer a discount to members.

If you would like more advice on arranging your insurance you can speak to the Ryan’s Beach Hut team today on 01473 343300 or complete our on line quote form.

Ryan's beach hut insurance offers competitive premiums with excellent cover and if you are a member of a Beach Hut Association you can benefit from a 10% premium discount. We also give £5.00 for every policy sold back to your association or charity of their choice.