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Get ready for the rush

Mon 20th Jul 20

With just a few weeks of the ‘new normal’ under our belts, the school holidays are upon us. And, while the UK’s hospitality industry won’t benefit from the usual high levels of overseas tourism trade that we’re used to this year, staycations look set to be massive. So, if you’re a hospitality business and you haven’t already, now’s the time to make sure your summer season plans will cater for the masses.

From putting your people in place through to managing customer capacity, and from menu planning through to stocktaking, we’ve put together a checklist to help you get ready for the rush:

Planning your people

  • Put together your rotas and work out whether you need any extra support. You’ll know how many people you normally need for the summer season but don’t forget you may need extra staff to help you manage social distancing measures.
  • Advertise for any additional heads you might need. Remember, you may be able to recruit without paying advertising costs if you put the word out through social media and via word of mouth with your existing staff members and customers.
  • Plan time in for induction, making sure to cover all health and safety requirements, including the new social distancing and capacity management measures you have in place. It might be a good opportunity to top up training for your existing staff, too.

Customer capacity

  • You’ve probably already put in numerous measures to help ensure the wellbeing of your customers and your staff. Remember that these might need to be reviewed if you’re likely to experience more custom over the summer season.
  • If you offer a takeaway service, think about your signage and make sure you have any pre-ordering details in the window, for those who would like to order on your doorstep. Make sure the information is on your website and social media pages, as well.

Menu planning

  • You may wish to review the options that are available on your menu, to factor in supply issues, to supplement with new seasonal tastes or to cater for emerging taste trends.
  • Update your menu boards – in your restaurant and online – to reflect any changes you make. And remember to include the ingredients you use, catering for those with allergies, too.


  • While you probably spent some time over lockdown reviewing your stock levels, it’s good to do this regularly, especially during peak season when stock may run down more quickly.
  • You might have had to change suppliers as a result of lockdown, so make sure your suppliers are aware in advance of any summertime peaks you’ll need to cater for.

Keeping seasonal increases in check

Remember to keep your insurance broker abreast of any changes you make to your premises, fixtures and fittings and contents, and to make sure your seasonal increases are set at the most suitable levels. They’ll be able to discuss the best options for your restaurant, as well as any changes in cover that might now be available to you.

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