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Growing Concern

Tue 13th Jul 21

Across the hospitality industry, many businesses diversified into delivery services to meet the challenges of lockdowns. Food to go catered for the UK population even while the rest of the hospitality industry was on hold.

According to Statista, UK household spending on takeaways has never been greater – with £11.2 billion set to be spent in 2021, compared to £9.9 billion in 2016, and IbisWorld forecasting growth in the UK takeaway and fast food restaurants industry over the next five years.

As the UK hospitality industry continues its journey to reopening fully, though, many takeaways may have concerns that business might take a dip as social settings are once more available and people start dining again. Sustaining the demand you may have experienced isn’t just about turnover and profits. You may also have taken new people on and committed to additional supplies.

The hospitality team look at ways to keep business booming for the summer months ahead:

Timed loyalty offers

Stamp cards and points programmes are one way of rewarding loyal customers and giving them an incentive to come back again and again. And while physical stamps may have had to be put on hold during the increased hygiene requirements of the pandemic, you could still work these for a short term incentive now.

Collecting customers’ email addresses and sending them a discount code for their next visit within a timed period – perhaps a fortnight or a month – will encourage them to return to your establishment. Plus, it will allow you to collect their contact information, so you can keep sending news and offers into the future. Remember to request permission to use each person’s data when you’re collecting it.

Special promotions

As the world opens up, so will the events you can attach your promotions to. The Olympics are just weeks away or maybe something more local, not everyone will feel comfortable or have the opportunity to watch from a bar or restaurant.

Running a promotion around events gives you an opportunity to contact your customers with an offer, and to remind them that it’s easy to cater for a ‘watch at home’ sporting occasion with a takeaway.

Opening times

Of course, your opening times may have varied during lockdown as there may have been less passing traffic from people making their way home from work or a night out.

It’s always worth carrying out research before committing to extra hours. While you may have been relying more heavily on delivery services during lockdown, passing trade may start to pick up again. As well as reviewing your opening times, thinking about the offers that you display in your windows may also become more relevant again, and may allow you to add in an additional shift that captures extra business.

Remember, as your business grows, so might your insurance needs – from your contents and stock through to your liabilities. The Ryan’s Hospitality Team is on hand to offer guidance on insurance that’s tailored especially for your takeaway needs. Give the team a call on 01473 343330.