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How much should I insure my beach hut for?

Mon 22nd Jul 19

So your insurance is due for renewal, or you’ve bought a new beach hut or chalet, you want to make sure it is fully protected but how do you know how much to insure it for?

Beach hut insurance can cover both the buildings and contents of your hut or chalet. The Ryan’s Beach Hut team shares some advice on how to make sure your hut is adequately covered.


Buildings insurance covers the buildings of your beach hut or chalet, including any attached steps or railings and clearance of the site.

The purchase price of beach huts can vary hugely, mostly dependent on where the hut is situated. However, the insured amount or sum insured, needs to represent the rebuilding cost of the beach hut not the purchase price, which in some cases can be very different. An easy way to calculate this amount is to contact a beach hut builder and ask the price of a newly built hut. You could also speak to other hut owners or ask your local Beach Hut Association for advice.


Contents insurance covers furniture, furnishings, household items, clothing and accessories, personal audio equipment, camera equipment and sports/water sports equipment whilst within the hut.

The Ryan’s beach hut insurance policy provides free contents insurance up the value of 20% of your buildings sum insured. For example, if your buildings are insured for £5,000 you would receive free contents cover of £1,000. However, you do need to make sure this amount is sufficient for you. Next time you are at your hut, you could do a quick calculation of the contents you have, using the cost to replace them as new.

One thing to bear in mind, your contents are only protected by your insurance whilst within your hut, so any items taken out of the hut or to the beach would not be included when away. Also theft cover is only operative if someone has used force or violence to gain entry to your hut, so it’s a good idea to lock up your hut when you nip off for an ice cream or to get water.

If you would like more advice on arranging your insurance you can speak to the Ryan’s Beach Hut team today on 01473 343300 or complete our on line quote form.

Ryan's beach hut insurance offers competitive premiums with excellent cover and if you are a member of a Beach Hut Association you can benefit from a 10% premium discount. We also give £5.00 for every policy sold back to your association or charity of their choice.

This article is based on the cover provided by Ryan’s beach hut insurance, other insurance policies may differ.