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Making sure Christmas is covered

Wed 2nd Dec 20

In any business, creating warm and inviting surroundings for customers and for staff is important, both for encouraging people in and for making a happy working environment. During the Christmas period, as well as the possible need to ramp up stock to cater for seasonal demand, this will often mean adding decorations, a tree and maybe some lights.

As always, adding fittings, contents and stock into any business may mean that sums insured also need to increase and, for many policies, this will be reflected in seasonal increases. There are other aspects to bear in mind, too, to keep your business running smoothly during the festive time.

Here, the Ryan’s team wrap up 4 tips to help ensure your business has Christmas covered:

1. Decking up…

When decking your business for Christmas, you need to consider the health and safety of your employees as they put them up, as well as of your customers as they navigate their way around your premises. There is even more to consider here in 2020, with social distancing requiring us to leave adequate space for people to move around safely.

Make sure your people use ladders and other appropriate equipment to reach high places when hanging the lights and tinsel, rather than risking standing on chairs and desks. This should be a two person job, with one holding the ladder for the other. Again, during the social distancing requirements of 2020, this will require additional thought for health and safety.

Keep any corridors or walkways unobstructed as you get the boxes of Christmas decorations ready to put up. Equally, make sure to keep walkways free of wires and cords. All making sure tripping hazards are kept to a minimum.

And make sure your tree, or any decorations, are not obstructing any fire exits.

2. Lighting up…

LED lights are cooler to run and are also more cost-efficient, as they use much less electricity than other bulbs. Always make sure your lights have safety certification. Look for a CE mark as the minimum requirement for Europe, or the BSI kitemark for even more comprehensive quality checks.

Inspect your lights and extension cords for any damage, loose connections, cracked or broken sockets or frayed wires before using them. And when installing them, make sure the wiring doesn’t create a trip or fire hazard.

And when shutting up each evening, always shut the Christmas lights off before you leave, too.

3. Stocking up…

Many business insurance policies include seasonal increases for stock as a matter of course. This means that, rather than worrying about insurance at a busy time of the year, a percentage of your sum insured may be added on in the summer, at Christmas, over Easter or any other period of high sales.

It’s always worth checking, though, as every business is different and every sales period varies. The standard increase on your policy may not be adequate. The increase that may have been suitable last year may not be a fit for this year. Or, you may even be paying over the odds for a seasonal increase that’s too high. Your insurance broker will be able to advise you on the options to make sure you’re covered.

4. Wrapping up

With the cold weather comes other risks. Take precautions against freezing pipes to avoid flood risks and make sure you keep floors dry and clean to help avoid people slipping over in your premises, which may result in costly public liability claims.

Insuring your business – ensuring seasonal cheer

At Ryan’s, we will work with you to ensure your insurance is suitable for your business all year around – whether you need seasonal increases for Christmas or Easter, over the summer or at any other time of the year.

Whether you need to increase your cover, or you’d like to discuss your unique insurance needs with us, call our Enterprise Division on 01473 343491 today.