The office will remain closed to visitors for the time being, all our staff are working from home and can be contacted in the usual way.

Making time to talk – promoting wellbeing at work

Tue 9th Feb 21

Small conversations can make a big difference in business. That’s the same whether with customers, with suppliers or with staff. And it’s even more important during times of crisis.

In the midst of a global pandemic, businesses everywhere have had to alter their working practices to cater for social distancing and creating safer environments. Whether that means that whole workforces have decamped to work from home, or that employees are still on the business premises, wearing PPE and with special guidelines to follow, change will have happened.

No matter their mindset, change causes some levels of discomfort for people. Some will quickly adapt and may even thrive, while others will remain cautious, stressed and unhappy.

The same is true for our customers and reaching out to them for a simple chat can make a great difference to their day. That could be with news about your products or services, or just to say hello. Either way, you will be reminding them why they choose to do business with you.

Equally, keeping suppliers abreast of your business needs, reassuring them that you will continue to need their services – or that you will as normality starts to resume – will help them feel more secure about their own business.

We’re lucky at Ryan’s that we have a very connected business – as a family business, we speak regularly with one another. Equally, we are always here to talk with our customers and, as a part of the UNA Alliance of independent brokers, we are in regular contact with our peers and our suppliers, too.

Listening to and looking out for your teams, your customers and your suppliers – as individuals – making ‘time to talk’, is critical to supporting their wellbeing and yours. Make a difference today.