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Managing Director Robin Belsom completes his 500th race

Tue 7th Jan 20

Just over 10 years ago our Managing Director Robin Belsom was diagnosed with cancer and had major surgery to remove his tumour. He was fortunate to be able to have laparoscopic surgery (keyhole) he recovered well, and was back at work in just 6 weeks.

Robin said "I will always be grateful to the consultant Mr Michael Crabtree and his team at Ipswich Hospital for their care. We shouldn’t take for granted the huge advances in medical science and the care provided by the NHS. I for one will always be grateful."

Robin has always been a keen runner and is a member of Ipswich running club Jaffa, this blip in his health spurred Robin on to run more and race more.

In fact on the 29th December 2019 Robin completed his 500th race, the Buntingfield 10 mile, in the 10 years since he was diagnosed with cancer.

For those who like their stats, the 500 comprises of 156 x 10kms, 105 x cross country, 38 x 5kms, 69 x 5 m, 6 x Scenic 7s, 45 x 10 milers, 2 x 20kms, 57 x half marathons, 2 x 15 milers, 3 x 20 milers, 7 marathons,1 x 1 mile and 5 x others. That’s 3634 racing miles in 10 years, an average of 7.2 miles per race, with 75 of them in 2019! In fact Robin has run a whopping 18,500 miles over the last 10 years!

We are all extremely proud of Robin and his running achievements, he is truly an
inspiration to us all. Robin is raising money for Bowel Cancer UK if you would like to support him please visit his charity page.

500th race
Robin's 500th race number
Robin completing the Stowmarket Striders Scenic 7
Robin completing the Stowmarket Striders Scenic 7