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New year’s resolutions – making plans that work for your hospitality business

Mon 14th Dec 20

It’s that time of year when we all look forward to the New Year ahead and all that it can bring. Certainly, we’ll all be looking back at 2020 having learned a lot that we hadn’t even thought possible 365 days ago and those business resolutions that we made at the start of last year, may well not yet be met!

It’s been suggested for many years that a whopping 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. That’s no reason to stop planning for the future, though, and, with a bit of foresight, mixed with a good helping of hindsight, now is the time to make some 2021 resolutions for your hospitality business that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’d like to enhance your online presence, grow your customer base, become more sustainable or reduce operating costs – to name just a few – the Hospitality team share their recipe for achieving resolution success:

Start with a review – So, 2020 probably wasn’t what you were expecting, but as we move forward into 2021 with social distancing still very much on the menu, taking time now to review what has worked and what hasn’t will enable you to move forward on the right foot.

Set realistic goals – It’s great to be optimistic, and to stretch yourself, but goals need to be achievable to allow you to stay motivated as you set out toward them. A good way of working out whether you’re being fair on yourself is to work out whether you’d expect it of others. If the answer is no, you’re probably expecting too much of yourself.

Break it down – When you’re setting your goals, it’s a good idea to break them down into bite-sized chunks. So, if you’ve set yourself the target of creating a new website, break that down into the phases of work, ie. research, plan, design, build, test, go live, and so on. You could also put time targets to these, giving you deadlines to work to.

Quantify your targets Your resolutions will have more meaning to you, and your people, if you know what it means to achieve them. So, for instance, if you would like to grow your customer base, add the number of new customers you’d like to attract each month to your goals.

Check back regularly – This is easier to manage if you’ve given yourself those deadlines to work to. It could be very easy to write resolutions and then become so tied up in work that you never check back on whether you’re achieving them. So, give yourself time each month to make sure you’re still working toward them. Sharing the targets that you’ve set for your business with your employees will make them more real and will probably mean you’re more motivated to get them done, too.

Go with the flow – If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that everything can change…very quickly. So, if unforeseen circumstances mean that you find your resolutions are no longer relevant, don’t hold yourself to them. Put them aside to work on once normal service resumes, adding all that you’ve learned in the meantime into the mix.

As you review your business for the start of the year, and whether you’re scaling up or scaling back, it’s also a great time to make sure your insurance is up to date. The Hospitality team are on hand to guide you through this process, give them a call today on 01473 343330.