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Picking up on promotions to bring in more business

Tue 13th Oct 20

Everybody loves a special offer and, in more normal times, 2020 would have been a great year to theme our offers around a whole host of national and international events. Sadly, with the likes of the Euros, the Olympics, and more local events and festivals all cancelled, all businesses relying on themed incentives to bring in more business have had to be more creative.

With major sporting events and other national and international celebrations on hold, many businesses are looking to the wide array of national days, giving multiple opportunities to hang a one-day offer.

The team from Ryan’s dig in to three food for thought ideas for building your business up:

Regular lower sales day offers

One day offers may not always have the longevity needed to make a difference to your bottom line. There may also be days or months when your sales are naturally lower. Analysing your figures and putting more regular offers in place may help.

Social media competitions

Social media competitions can boost your reach, helping you to find new customers in your local area – and perhaps from further afield. Encouraging your customers to share to enter a monthly draw is a good route to success here – perhaps, if you’re a restaurant, a picture of their meal – and you’ll need them to follow your restaurant on their social media channels. Don’t forget your #hashtags!

Encouraging website orders

If, like many businesses, you’ve ramped up your online presence this year, perhaps adding online ordering into the mix, a promotion to encourage ordering from your website might also be useful, especially during the winter months when queuing outside your shop might be less appealing, with safe social distancing in mind. Here, offering a discount code for online orders could help boost business and you can also encourage sales of extras during the checkout process.

Making sure your promo is all wrapped up

As with all business activity, planning is essential to make sure you have the stock and staff you need and, if you’re doing something a little out of the ordinary, that your insurance will cover your promotional activity.

For information about insurance for hospitality businesses speak to our Hospitality Division, or for a free no-obligation quotation, talk to the team today on 01473 343434 or visit us online to find out more.