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Ryan's Beach Hut of the Year 2021 - North Norfolk Crawlers

Mon 27th Sep 21

We have great pleasure in announcing Ryan's Beach Hut of the Year 2021 belongs to

Isobel Robson and the North Norfolk Crawlers.

Isobel wins £300, a years free insurance and £150 donation to a charity of her choice. Not forgetting a winners plaque and a luxury hamper.

Guest Judge Veronica Henry who chose our winner together with Vicky Gunn from Millie's Beach Huts said "It was such an honour to judge the Beach Hut of the Year competition. I loved reading all the stories behind the beach huts and seeing the huge benefits they had brought to people’s lives. If only we could all have a beach hut on prescription!"

Vicky Gunn, second time judge of the competition said she found it hard not to get emotional when reading the stories behind this years entries.

Both our judges have recently taken the plunge into sea swimming. Vicky wished she had a hut like this nearby "having a local group and hut like this one would have definitely made me discover the huge health and mental wellbeing benefits of wild swimming that we've all desperately needed this year. I particularly love how not only did the hut bring people together but how it's collective use shone through in it's décor too. My Instagram feeds are always full of younger members of families enjoying a dip in the sea, I'm hoping this may inspire lots more mums and dads to join them too!"

Isobel Robson and the North Norfolk Crawlers