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Ryan's join Felixstowe Society Beach Clean

Tue 10th Sep 19

Keeping our beaches clean has become a hot topic this summer, Davina from Ryan's Beach Hut team joined the Felixstowe Society, beach hut owners and members of the public for their Felixstowe beach clean.

With a turnout of around 15 people, split into groups of 3 they donned their high viz, plastic gloves and litter pickers and set to work.

The Felixstowe litter pickers with their beach hut bags for life

The group agreed that the Felixstowe beaches are getting cleaner, with more awareness of litter and the dangers of single use plastic they hope that the general public are taking more responsibility for their waste.

According to the Wildlife Trust every year an estimated 8 million tonnes of litter enters the world's oceans. With plastic posing the biggest threat to marine wildlife as it simply doesn't just disappear. Any litter removed from a natural ecosystem helps wildlife and creates a better space for humans too. They are encouraging us all to become litter pickers to counteract litterbugs, so keep a lookout for the next beach clean near you...

Following the theme of reducing plastic, Davina rewarded all the volunteer litter pickers with a free beach hut bag for life. If you are organising a beach clean near you and would like to reward your litter pickers with a beach hut bag for life please get in touch, whilst stocks last.