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Ryan’s takes time to look and listen out for it's lockdown legends

Mon 1st Jun 20

Every day, we recognise our lockdown heroes – doctors, nurses and carers, postmen and those working in retail to name only a few. Looking in less obvious places, though, it’s clear that we really are a nation of heroes.

In fact many of Ryan's staff members have stepped up and become lockdown legends.

Supporting the community

Teaming up to provide local support for vulnerable people is invaluable and that’s something Sales Manager, Katrina Boyle, in Capel St Mary, recognised while her family had to self-isolate. “As we were isolating when the local support group started, I’m not on the ground, but I’m on the telephone team, making weekly calls to a group of vulnerable people for a check-in and chat. The relationships we’re building with people we didn’t know previously have been incredibly rewarding for me, as well as a lifeline for them.”

That team spirit is shared by Managing Director, Robin Belsom, who is collaborating with his fellow runners at Jaffa to organise a virtual Ekiden relay race in support of the East Anglian Air Ambulance, as well as runners’ personal charity choices. “We’re all recognising the terrific work our NHS workers are doing. That incredible work extends out to the charities who give their services to our communities, but who may have taken a lower profile most recently.”

The Ekiden, which is free to take part in, will take place on Sunday 12 July, bringing Ipswich together to exercise and fire up a community racing spirit.

Supporting key workers

Supporting our key workers as they go out onto the front line is also incredibly important. We’ve seen local initiatives, such as Meals for Medics setting up and helping out, and the team at Ryan’s have been doing their bit, too.

Wendy Pryor, who’s a dab hand with a crochet needle, has been creating face mask expanders for key workers. “We’ve all seen the bruises and marks on people’s faces from tight fitting masks and so I’m crocheting expanders to make life just a little more comfortable for staff in local hospitals, nursing homes and ambulance stations.”

Wendy and her face mask expanders

Scrubs and scrub bags are also in high demand. Rachael Stokes and Nicci Dedman-Munro have been busy making bags for carers, nurses and doctors to transport their scrubs safely from work and into the washing machine without contaminating other items.

HR Manager Nicci with her bags for scrubs

Scrubs, meanwhile, have been flying out of Executive Chairman, Tim Ryan’s house. “Those who know me will be sure it’s not me working magic on the sewing machine! Emma and her machine have been working non-stop though and it’s great to hear how much of a difference these have made to people’s wellbeing.

“After all, that’s what community is all about and the differences we can make to our neighbours’ wellbeing now bring benefits to us all. We’d like to know about your lockdown legends, too.”

While they’re busy supporting and creating for the community, the teams at Ryan’s are all available to help with enquiries as usual. Call us on 01473 343434 or visit us online at ryans.co.uk