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Ship shape security for your beach hut

Tue 22nd Oct 19

With the weather turning towards winter, many beach hut owners are thinking of packing up and tightening security ready for a less busy beach hut season ahead. And, of course, even if you use your beach hut all year around, its likely your visit's are a little less often during the colder months.

At Ryan’s, our Beach Hut team has been making plans for our big winter pack up, and we’ve put together some of this season’s top tips to make sure you’re keeping your beach hut as secure as possible.

1. Make sure your lock is up to the jo

Using basic locks on your beach hut just don’t cut the mustard. Probably the most secure locking device is a solid steel bar running across the doors, which can then be locked with a heavy duty padlock. Ideally, the bar should be bolted through the door and reinforced inside the hut at the back of the door with a steel plate. Remember to use concealed screws or coach bolts.

Do bear in mind not to go overboard with lots of visible locks, though, as these may encourage thieves to think valuables have been left inside.

2. Make sure the door and frame are maintained

Before you lock up for winter, it’s a great time to check your door and the door frame are robust and can’t be easily broken. Of course, hardwood is the ideal material for your beach hut, being both strong and hard-wearing, and you could further strengthen this with a ‘Birmingham Bar’ frame reinforcer to lessen the risk of the door being kicked in.

Your hinges will also need attention and hinges on outward opening doors should be protected with bolts or hooks. If you have a mortice lock, this should comply with BS3621.

3. Make sure your hut looks well-cared-for

It’s strange, but true, a beach hut that looks less well-maintained is likely to draw more attention from thieves and criminals. So, looking after the appearance of your hut and making sure it is well-cared-for makes a lot of sense.

You could also invest in a battery-powered monitored alarm. As well as alerting you to any issues, the noise from your alarm will hopefully put off any intruders and it will attract attention from other passers-by as well.

4. Join your Beach Hut Association

There are many benefits to joining your local Beach Hut Association and security is a big one. Your fellow beach hut owners, as well as the local community, will all be keeping an eye out for your hut, and if your beach hut is registered with the association, problems can be reported more easily.

Joining your local Beach Hut Association can cost as little as £5-£10 a year and your insurers may offer cheaper premiums for Beach Hut Association members. At Ryan’s we offer a 10% discount, and we will also contribute to your local Association.

5. Security mark your contents

Ideally, thieves and vandals won’t be able to get into your hut, but if they do, it’s a good idea to have your contents marked with UV pens, microdots or security tags. It’s also a great idea to keep a photographic record of your contents.

Remember, though, it’s best to take valuable items home with you after each visit to your beach hut.

Keeping your beach hut covered

With all the safety precautions in the world, and even if you’re visiting your hut regularly, there’s still a chance of something going wrong. Insuring your beach hut means that, if the worst does happen, you’ll have cover to help ensure your hut can be back in use as quickly as possible.

Interested to know more about beach hut insurance from Ryan’s? Visit us online or call the beach hut team today on 01473 343300.