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Staying sociable while social distancing at your beach hut

Mon 6th Jul 20

With the warmer weather and lockdown lifted enough that we can head to our beach huts – with social distancing measures in place – it’s definitely time to head to your beach side haven for some rest and relaxation.

Beach hut life with strict rules in place, though, could sound a little less appealing than usual. Our beach hut team has been thinking of socially acceptable ways to be more sociable, while social distancing!

Create your own room with a view

While it could be tempting to pop up the wind breaks and pen yourself in, that does mean you can’t see what’s going on around you, leaving you less able to chat with your neighbours too. We’ve found some great heavy duty wind break solutions with integral windows, allowing you to create your own room with a view.

Take a walk along the prom

Although you shouldn’t get too close to one another, and you’re encouraged to sit on the beach, rather than outside your hut where you may obstruct walkways, you can still be sociable with your beach hut neighbours. Arrange to take a walk along the beach together, staying at a safe distance but exchanging stories of your lockdown away from your huts.

Swap messages on stones

We love drawing pictures on stones to leave for other beach goers to enjoy and now our stone art can take on new meaning. Write messages and paint scenes on some stones and leave for your neighbours. It’s a great way to check in on them and to let them know you’re back in your beach hut.

Check out your local beach hut association

Beach hut associations are set up to help and your local association may have some additional ideas and resources to help you to enjoy the beach at all times. The team at Ryan’s is in regular contact with many beach hut associations and we offer a discount to members, too.

Whatever you do while you head to your beach hut, remember to be cautious and to keep to the recommended social distances. If the beaches become too busy, beat a retreat…it’s definitely better to be safe during these less settling times.