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Sue Chaplin member of the beach hut team tells us her working from home story.

Mon 29th Jun 20

Our next working from home story comes from Sue Chaplin, Account Manager in our Private Client's Division and another member of the beach hut team. Some may recognise Sue, who has attended many beach hut association AGM's.

Where is your new office?

The study

What are your tips for staying motivated and on top of work during lockdown?

I have organised my workspace so that I have everything to hand. It feels like I am at the office, except that I have to make my own coffee!

What has been the biggest challenge since working from home?

Interruptions to service due to volume of traffic over the internet. I have been lucky and not had as many crashes as some but it is frustrating.

Have any positives come out of working in lockdown?

I don’t miss the commute across Ipswich at all. Much nicer to wind down in my garden than in a hot car for sure.

What do you miss most about the office/colleagues?

The interaction and brain storming. It does not happen organically over zoom.

How are you utilising your permitted daily exercise?

Walking my dogs is a daily routine that could not be interrupted, Covid or not!