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Summer Mini Series – Perfecting price

Mon 16th Aug 21

Customer service and price. Two of the biggest factors most people take into account when purchasing a product or service. In our brand savvy and environmentally conscious era, the concept of the four Ps – price, product, place and promotion – has been overtaken and added to by a new wave of wants from customers, including sustainability. Referrals and great testimonials are also a key factor. Yet price will, undoubtedly, always be a deciding factor between two equal-looking offerings.

In our summer 2021 mini series, the team at Ryan’s is delving into price – how the cost of products and services is calculated, the mechanisms we can use as businesses to ensure we remain competitive in a fluctuating marketplace, and how, as consumers, we can calculate and reduce the cost of remaining loyal to our preferred brands.

In this mini series, we’ll cover off:

For customers

How to fair compare

How insurance premiums are calculated

Calling a higher price – checking costs at renewal

For businesses

The value of price matching

Working out your price point

Offering a promotion

Can you cost for customer service?

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