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Supporting hospitality, supporting World Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Tue 15th Jun 21

18 June 2021 was World Sustainable Gastronomy Day – an awareness day created by UNESCO in 2016 to encourage all of us to think about protecting local food culture, as well as where the ingredients we use are from, how they’re grown and how they get to market and, from there, onto our plates.

Even before Covid-19, environmental consciousness was growing around the globe, and buying locally and from more sustainable sources was already on the menu – both for the hospitality industry, for all businesses and for the population in general. Looking for inspiration to choose more sustainable options affects us all.

During the lockdowns, we’ve seen evidence that a reduced carbon footprint really can make a difference – and quickly. Pollution levels over our towns have diminished, while wildlife has flourished. What’s more, as we moved out of the restrictions, supporting the businesses in our communities – kick-starting our local economies – was more important than ever before.

World Sustainable Gastronomy Day for hospitality – approaching sustainable gastronomy

Talking about being sustainable is easy. Putting it into practice can be, too. Here are three ideas to start along the road to a more sustainable future:

Review your supply chains – could you buy more locally – either sourcing locally grown ingredients or by buying from organisations within your community rather than larger organisations that are based further afield?

Update your menu – it may be that you can make small alterations to your menu that make serving local, seasonal produce possible. It’s a good idea to do some market research before making these changes to your menu, though.

Shout about sustainability – as customers also become more environmentally conscious, making sure they know that your supply chain has been selected to be more sustainable can be a great selling point to boost loyalty and attract new customers.

Kick-starting all businesses sustainably as we move out of lockdown

As we look forward to kick-starting our businesses, many organisations with public settings – from retailers through to leisure facilities – are reviewing new ways to serve customers. Doing this in a sustainable way, supporting trade in local communities, is vital.

At Ryan’s, we support World Sustainable Gastronomy Day and we love hearing stories from our hospitality and business customers as they move into a more sustainable future.