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Takeaway tips for growing your restaurant

Tue 27th Jul 21

Did you know that in 2020 the number of takeaway food shops started up increased by 33% compared to 2019*? The hospitality industry has been greatly affected in the last year and, where restaurants have been forced to close their doors, takeaways have been able to take up the slack.

In fact, statistics suggest that households in the UK spent approximately £5.60 a week on takeaway meals eaten at home in 2020. Multiplied by the ONS’ estimated 27.8 million households here, there’s a portion of over £155 million to be hauled!

What does that mean for growing your existing restaurant, though? The hospitality team from Ryan’s dives into three ways to strike out into new business growth this summer:

Making an event with your food to go

With summer opening out, events are back on the agenda. Have you considered going mobile and attending a local fair, pop up street market or festival? This will allow you to reach into a new audience, meeting people face to face to build relationships and enabling them to experience your food while they’re there.

This can be a great way to boost business, especially if you tie your attendance in with a loyalty promotion that encourages those customers to visit your shop for a discounted meal and turning them into regular customers.

Mobilise your sales

If you find that events work well for you, you may be thinking about diversifying into being even more mobile to bring in extra revenue. Investing in a trailer or a van, together with the fittings needed to take your catering out on the road, could be an option.

While creating your business case, remember to investigate where you may be able to pitch your mobile unit and ensure you have all the relevant permissions, first. What’s more, as well as stocking your mobile unit with the fast turnaround cooking equipment you’ll need, staffing also needs to be considered to ensure you maintain your high levels of customer service, wherever your customers find you.

Grow into a second premises

While takeaways may be doing a roaring trade, other businesses may be looking to shut up shop and there could be great deals around to strike out into a second premises. Obviously this will need very careful consideration and you’ll need to conduct research into the market in that location. Working out how you’ll staff and stock any additional premises is also a business planning essential.

Remember, whether you’re growing into a second premises, a mobile operation or if you’re just catering at a one-off event, your insurance may also need to take these into account, including contents and stock, vehicles or additional property, through to your public, products and employers’ liabilities.

The Hospitality Team at Ryan’s is on hand to offer guidance on insurance that’s tailored especially for your needs. Speak to them today on 01473 343330

*according to data from TYL NatWest