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Technology isn't the enemy our relationship with it is

Wed 6th Nov 19

Technology isn't the enemy our relationship with it is - was the subject of our latest breakfast networking event at Suffolk Food Hall. Paul Maskall Head of Cyber, Risk and Technology for Dardan Security delivered a thought provoking talk about our relationship with technology.

Paul asked us "when was the last time you or your children were bored? Why do you look at your phone so many times a day? You may give your children a time limit on technology but what about yourself? Why not call someone rather than text or email?”

There is no denying the link between technology and the rise in mental health, receiving a new notification or email takes away your focus and adds pressure to respond, being constantly available means we don't switch off from work as we leave the office at the end of day.

Paul suggested that in this ever changing world where technology rules, we should engage with technology, think about changing our relationship with it and maybe next time our kids ask to play Minecraft we play too. Close our emails, only checking them at regular intervals so as not to lose focus by the envelope popping up in the corner. Let’s pick up the phone and talk more.

Karen Rogers Managing Director of Corbel Solutions who attended our event commented “I really enjoyed it and I thought Paul was a very interesting speaker. (Couple of things he raised I need to reflect on a bit with my own bad habits.) Thanks again, as I do really appreciate all the hard work that goes into hosting these events.”

Pretty sure we all left today’s event thinking the same as Karen!

Our event was free to attend, however we were collecting for our chosen charity East Anglian Air Ambulance. A total of £158.87 was raised, thank you to everyone who donated.

Speaker Paul Maskall

Franzi Scheithauer, Angie Vale, Rachael Ward & Jane Warden (from left to right)

Sue Tasker, Barry Wayne & Jane Beales (from left to right)

Michelle Pollard, Naomi Tarry & Tracy Healey (from left to right)

The Ryan's team