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Time to get your beach hut ready for the season

Mon 28th Mar 22

It’s official…spring has sprung and beach hut owners across the UK are looking forward to warmer weather on the horizon.

After the winter months, though, there are a number of things you will need to do to ensure your beach hut is ready for action when you are ready to use it.

As beach hut owners ourselves, we’ve put together nine tips for preparing to open up your beach hut for the season ahead:

Maintain your roof

Check roof coverings haven’t been damaged in winter storms and that they’re fixed down with galvanised pins and roof battens. Storms don’t just happen in winter, so making sure your felt is secure is worth doing well.

Spring clean

While the days are – hopefully – drier, yet beaches haven’t become crowded, the spring is a great time to give your beach hut a lick of paint, to fill or replace any broken or rotten woodwork and for any general maintenance needed.

Remove rubbish

Debris may have blown underneath your hut during the winter months. This could lead to the risk of fire. Protect your beach hut from fire risk by removing any rubbish that may have accumulated.

Deal with damp and mildew

The inside of your beach hut may have become damp during the cold winter months. Wipe walls inside and empty or replace any faulty water traps. Once you’re happy any mould has disappeared, you can replace your soft furnishings.

Let the air in

Getting air into your beach hut can breathe a fresh lease of life into your hut, but remember to do this without compromising its security. Only leave your doors and windows open when you are at your beach hut.

Add your contents back into the mix

You may have removed some of your contents and soft furnishings over the winter. Now is the time to check that everything is in good repair and to add them back into your beach hut. You may even wish to invest in a few new items.

Discourage vandals

Checking the security of your beach hut should be high on your agenda, and you’ve likely been running regular checks anyway. Look to ensure windows and doors fit properly in their frames, that locks haven’t rusted, and that they’re fit for purpose.

Secure against liability

Check to make sure that your beach hut and the areas directly around them are safe and secure. This includes maintaining or replacing fascia boards, steps, bases and verandas, as well as any tethered boats.

Ensure you’re insured

Now is a great time to check that you have the right levels of cover in place for both your beach hut and its contents. If in doubt, ask your insurance broker for advice.

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