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Have you informed your insurers of your unoccupied premises during Lockdown?

Wed 6th Jan 21

Following the third national lockdown in England announced on 4th January it is important that your insurers are aware if your premises remain unoccupied during this time.

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Insurers will look to be flexible around the requirement for individuals to check on their temporarily unoccupied business premises regularly. This is as long as business owners have followed the risk management advice provided by their insurer and have taken reasonable endeavours to ensure the premises is suitably secure.

In winter it is important to consider what additional safeguards are needed to prevent damage from occurring in colder weather. This may include turning off water, draining the heating system, or leaving the heating on at a temperature that will protect pipes from freezing and water damage occurring in the property.

Your insurer will be able to advise on the appropriate arrangements for the property being unoccupied and ensure suitable action is taken and cover is not prejudiced.

Please contact us if your premises are unoccupied or if you have any queries.