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Working from home with Julie from the beach hut team

Mon 15th Jun 20

Our next working from home story comes from Julie, Julie deals with renewals for our beach hut and shepherds hut customers.

Where is your new office?

I have set up a workspace in the corner of the living room.

What are your tips for staying motivated and on top of work during lockdown?

I found that getting my workspace right was very important. I spent the first week hunched over my laptop which was not ideal. I then got a separate keyboard and mouse and improvised with some old board games to raise my screen and move it further away to create a much more comfortable working environment.

I also try to make sure I get up regularly to stretch and move about – this helps me to stay alert and focused when I am working.

I stay in touch with my colleagues via group chat and zoom meetings, these are good ways to stay connected.

Julie's innovative lap top stand!

What has been the biggest challenge since working from home?

I live with my dad, and during the day our living room is both my office and his place to sit and relax. It was a bit strange at first but we quickly settled into a routine. My job is mainly admin based but I try and make my outgoing calls when he is gardening or in the kitchen, and he will generally go and make a cup of tea when I'm on an incoming call.

The main disadvantage at the moment is not being able to send documents in the post – this means that I am calling each customer to check they have received our email, or to see if they have an email address, which does mean each renewal takes a little bit longer than usual.

Have any positives come out of working in lockdown?

I have had some really lovely conversations with our customers – it has been so nice to chat to people about their huts and their experiences of lockdown.

It has been nice spending time with my dad, working from home has meant he has had company while shielding at home and I haven’t had to worry about him being lonely. My work has given a structure to our day which I think has helped us both.

I also like the fact that I get a little bit more time to relax in the evening as I no longer have to travel home from work!

What do you miss most about the office/colleagues?

I miss my manager and team, we have great camaraderie and I miss the banter and support that comes with working with such a great group of people. Lunch breaks were also a good opportunity to have a chat and a laugh with other colleagues.

Ryan’s is like a family and I miss the fact that wherever I went in the building, there was always somebody to share a smile and a few words with.

How are you utilising your permitted daily exercise?

I normally walk to the office and I didn’t want to get out of the habit, so I walk for about an hour every morning before work. I am very lucky to live near a brook, which is surrounded by some lovely meadows and woodland with lots of little pathways that I am exploring. There are not too many people around at that time and it is so peaceful and relaxing, the perfect way to start the day.