Our office has now re-opened with limited staff. If you would like to visit us, you can but you must make an appointment first by telephone. Our remaining staff are working from home and can be contacted in the usual way.

Working from home with our newly qualified apprentice Charlie

Tue 28th Apr 20

As he celebrates passing his CII apprenticeship with distinction, we find out how the youngest member of the Ryan's team Charlie Smith is finding working from home.

Job role at Ryan's?

Hospitality Account Handler

Where is your new office?

The dining room

Charlie Smith Cert CII
Charlie busy talking to customers from the dining room

What are your tips for staying motivated and on top of work during lockdown?

Make a list and prioritise but also take short breaks from the screen to keep concentration up and stay engaged

What has been the biggest challenge since working from home?

The biggest challenge for me has been not being able to talk to my colleagues face to face. However this has been overcome by creating a team group chat and referring any queries we have into that.

Have any positives come out of working in lockdown?

I have been enjoying working from home and I like the fact that I am able to do things independently and just crack on with my work.

What do you miss most about the office/colleagues?

One of the biggest things I miss is the daily face to face interaction with colleagues and also other members of the business.

How are you utilising your permitted daily exercise?
I go on a run every morning before work which allows me to clear my head before I start work and get into the right frame of mind and after work I will also go to my room and lift weights.

Charlie is the first Ryan's apprentice to complete the CII's apprenticeship and the result he has achieved is equivalent to an A Level A grade. The apprenticeship ran alongside Charlie doing his CERT CII which he has also passed. This was quite an undertaking and involved a huge amount of work. Well done Charlie, we are very proud of what you have achieved, next qualification is your Diploma in Insurance. Good luck!