The office will remain closed to visitors for the time being, all our staff are working from home and can be contacted in the usual way.

Working from home with Sales Manager Katrina Boyle

Tue 19th May 20

She's missing her team, her colleagues and someone else to make the tea. We find out how Katrina is finding working from home.

Where is your new office?

I started off at the dining table so I could help my boys with their home schooling. When my husband was furloughed we moved some furniture out of the spare room and set up a desk, its much quieter!

Katrina's new office from home

What are your tips for staying motivated and on top of work during lockdown?

  • Keep in touch with your team. I hold a short daily conference call. It’s no longer than 10 minutes. We chat through work issues, our sales pipeline, our own wellbeing.
  • Speak to colleagues in other teams verbally wherever possible, we are detached enough to rely on emailing.
  • Make sure to get out and about for daily exercise, or do something else for yourself that you really enjoy every day.

What has been the biggest challenge since working from home?

  • Not being able to pop and see a colleague to sort out a query.
  • Helping my team manage work, childcare and wellbeing.

Have any positives come out of working in lockdown?

  • We have discovered some fabulous walks on our doorstep, so uplifting.
  • My husband has infinite patience with the childrens' home schooling and is doing a great job.
  • I’m loving the family time and the down time in the garden, I grew plants!

What do you miss most about the office/colleagues?

  • Other people doing the tea run!
  • We have a great bunch of people in our room and I miss seeing them all, we had a zoom coffee break last week and it was lovely.

How are you utilising your permitted daily exercise?

  • Walking and cycling with the family. We are lucky to live on the edge of our village, so direct access to our fabulous Suffolk countryside. I had no idea how many hidden gems were so close to me, woods, bluebells, streams, rolling sheep fields. We’ve seen deer, boxing hares and field mice.
  • I am also (most days) doing a daily weights routine in the garden before I start work, need to do something to counter balance the cake intake.
Enjoying the Suffolk countryside